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Henrix and Darmon produce the evil “Reaper”

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for some new music. Last week I found this collaboration from Henrix and Darmon. It’s called “Reaper” and drops on January 5.

Henrix’ unique “Sound Of Miami” is building its presence in every corner of the world. Right after he released “Light” (on Flamingo Recordings), he is starting another journey back to LA on Harem Records. Henrix teamed up with Darmon, and the “Reaper” was born.

“The Reaper starts with psychedelic sounds and distorted percussion bits which give you a clear sign that this progressive monster is not playing around.  In spite of being big and evil, the “Reaper” is also quite sneaky as it knows how to effectively catch you off guard. Need proof? Just listen to the first breakdown. Before you have a chance to allow the “Reaper” to fully immerse you in its state of bliss, it flips the script on you and makes you feel the wrath of its drop.

Sultan + Ned Shepard knew what they were doing when they were tapping into Henrix and Darmon’s exceptional skills for delivering quality products. “Reaper” will be, without a doubt, one of the strongest 2015 weapons on a long list of Harem’s artillery. The next destination of Henrix’s worldwide trip is already set and will be revealed very soon.

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