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Watch A-Trak’s “Push” Video

A-Trak adds another jewel to his catalog of boundary-pushing music videos with “Push,” premiering on The FADER.

A-Trak – Push

Director Ramon Ayala created a truly surreal, decadent world that flips “party” scenes inside out. “My approach to dance music has always been a bit left, so the last thing I wanted was one of those sparkler bottle ‘lets make this night live forever!’ videos,” says A-Trak. “Instead, I wanted to make something with the opulence of a rap video, but shot like a renaissance painting. It’s kind of like Eyes Wide Shut meets Burning Man.”

Starring TM88, a cast of European models, and a tiger, A-Trak’s “Push” clip is audiovisual indulgence like none other.

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