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Sultan Shepard vs Futuristic Polar Bears Out Now

Sultan+Shepard has teamed up with Futuristic Polar Bears to release “Manila.”

Returning to Harem following their success with “Game Over,” Futuristic Polar Bears have stepped into the studio with Sultan+Shepard to create what is looking to be one of this summer’s biggest progressive weapons. Leading with drums and percussion aplenty, “Manila” throws caution to the wind with an anthemic vocal and blistering laser-like synths that’ll turn dance floors to rubble.

A release that unites two of dance music’s most accomplished production teams, “Manila” is a triumph that successfully brings together flavors of progressive and future house in a single knockout round.

It’s the first time that the arctic trio known as Futuristic Polar Bears have collaborated on Harem, and if their recent chart successes are anything to go by, it might not be the last. Bringing the sound that has made them one of the UK’s most successful progressive exports and combing it with Beatport’s “Kings of the progressive scene” means that we’re expecting nothing less than a total KO when the bell rings for Manila on June 1.

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