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Tchami Confesses That He’s “Missing You”

After recently announcing his new After Life EP in March, Tchami has now brought his second single off of the EP entitled “Missing You”. The song sticks with the signature “future house” Tchami sound, while still feeling fresh and different. With vocals from Kaleem Taylor, previous collaborator on the critically acclaimed “Promesses”, the song has a most soulful sound with a melody reminiscent of a uptown jazz hall. In addition to Taylor, America based DJ, AC Slater steps up to the plate to aid in the creation of this gospel-like track. These three guys have teamed to create a track that is the “perfect exemplification of accomplishing something innovative and unique to share with the world”.


The song was debuted through the first ever video recap titled Tour Confessions I: Missing You. The video was exclusively premiered via Complex and features a behind the scenes look at Tchami’s day-in-the-life. There are shots of him in the studio crafting some deep tunes, playing some of the most illustrious festivals, clubs, and shows around the world, as well as some b2b sets with the likes of Skrillex and more. In addition, we get to see the always important fans dancing to his music and loving every second of it.

The song and the video are excellent points of reference to predict where the future of Tchami lies. The video, in stunning black and white is an indicator of the direction Tchami is headed to stay connected with fans and the song in indicative of a more diverse direction that Tchami is headed with his music. The EP is now close than ever to release and with “After Life” and “Missing You” it would seem that we are in for a massive treat. Stay tuned for more information on when Tchami may becoming to a city near you!

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