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Become Today’s “Hottest DJ” Through This Perfect Parody

It seems today that DJ’s are the new rockstars, living large and loved by millions. While the negative state of today’s music industry has artists in most genres struggling to pay their rents, EDM is healthy and thriving. It’s not just because the music is increasingly popular, it’s because the performers are milking live shows for all they’re worth. Promoters and booking agents know that name DJs will sell out festivals and clubs, and the DJs can thus charge big fees for appearances. DJ’s are taking over!

Djs From Mars- Phat Ass Drop 2 (How To Follow Trends and Keep Your Sound Cool)

Electronic Dance Music is rushing to the forefront of mainstream tastes with DJs and producers flooding the market. Trying to keep up with what’s hot in the EDM world isn’t easy when trends change just as fast as the industry itself became big. With EDM on the rise, tons of people are finding their favorite kinds of music, which also means more and more people are exploring how to create it. DJ’s From Mars nailed it with their parody on how to be a DJ in the EDM world today. Their video for “Phat Ass Drop 2 (How To Follow Trends And Keep Your Sound Cool),” covers how to stay on top of producing and social media to become number one!

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