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Before OITNB, Ruby Rose Actually Was A DJ

Summer brings great things: monsoons, festival season, and, of course, new summer premieres of our favorite Netflix guilty pleasures. So when we all thought that Orange Is The New Black coming up on Netflix a few hours early would be the closest to Christmas in July, well, we thought wrong because the latest season brought on new Australian heartthrob Ruby Rose. And how could we not fall in love, after all, she’s making major waves as an androgynous addition to an insanely diverse cast. Do you need another reason to fall in love? Well, here’s one: she’s actually a pretty bomb DJ.

Ruby Rose- Strung Out Vol. 2

The Australian model/former MTV host/actress/DJ seems to many hats all over the place and has just had made her debut at New York’s Pacha over the Fourth of July weekend. Her Soundcloud account is actually full of mixes and tracks, and the beginnings to her Strung Out mix series. Will this be a new name on, say, next year’s EDC lineup? It might be too early to tell where Ruby Rose’s success will take her and how she’ll divide her time on the decks and on set, but she’s definitely worth keeping eyes and ears out for!

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