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Gryffin Ignites Our Hopes To Create A Better Future For The Community

After all the people saying how our favorite musicians can’t play a single instrument, aren’t we sick and tired of this stereotype? Although we know very well our favorite DJs and producers have a wealth of musical knowledge, both classical and other wise, that makes them major players at any table, our non-dance-loving counterparts have continually bashed us for supporting artists with, in quote, “no talent is required to perform electronic dance music.” The shame about that article is, not only was it written in 2012 at the beginning of the massive growth in our musical movement, but it also precedes and succeeds many artists who have arrived and passed us along who in-fact had musical talent simultaneously.

Do we personally have a hero in our midst? No, I am not speaking of the great Harvey Birdman, but something more unifying, I suppose you can say. There is a part of us that, before EDM found mainstream acceptance,  people simply stated our musical artists are not legitimate, and bashing us for our donning of other accessories close to our hearts. What has this grown into? Well, all of that bad press eventually culminated the backlash of the culture that gave us homes outside of our own

All of these events that have left old ravers disenfranchised by the ever-increasing commercialization of the industry, and the new slew of “ravers” that might not understand the narratives I am presenting you with today, all lead up to this. This is our year to finally come together after years of discomfort with the changes that are happening within this industry, and this might be the first article in the state of Arizona that finally recognizes that. In the Arizona rave community, we have many scars, but also many memories that have not been published by outlets to avoid causing further schism between the two bases of “new” and “old.” In turn, since we have no written history, the only past that older ravers can look back on are the damages, or the fond rose-colored memories.

This old-new connection to bridge us together goes by one name: Gryffin. “But Logan, aren’t you just using this editorial to plug ANOTHER artist into the fold?” Well, actually, no: Gryffin represents something deeper to the Arizona community that many haven’t realized yet: as mentioned above, we have had people lambast us for our lack of talent, and many other aspects that have created bad press. Now, where does Gryffin come into play? Gryffin acts as the silencer to our enemies: the artist who can not only produce music, but perform with his professional set of electronic instruments, and create beats as they are coming out, not just on a switchboard. If you have seen the insanity that goes on as soon as he hits the stage, the energy he gives is what we truly need. We have constantly tried to wipe our slate clean by hiding our past as a community, but here comes somebody new; not just your average progressive house DJ, but someone who represents the musicality needed to appease the haters with his own musical talent, but also represent and welcome the new energy that breathes life into it.

So, what does this mean for the little people like us? It means that Gryffin can be added not only to the list of artists that legitimize our genre in the eyes of the angry, but produces a level of music that combines a love for the mainstream, but a love that wishes to innovate instead of stagnate. Simply listen to the playlist below to get a full example of the adjectives we are trying to convey here: 

Gryffin – Best Of Megamix 2016

Clearly, Griffin is offering us something that hasn’t been offered in quite a long time since we saw our favorite DJs become something as almost as unrecognizable as a pop star to us. Gryffin combines the local notoriety and respect for original tunes that the old school remembers, but provides a taste in music and implementation of live instruments played solo on stage that transcend the current state of the genre, and puts us in a better direction than we are going. You know for a fact that I, and many others will be celebrating these changes on the October 20th, 2016 at Shady Park in Tempe, AZ. This is our time, Arizona; this is our time to once again build a true community out of respect for the past, but embracing the newcomers and accepting culture that we promised to uphold. Take a stand with Gryffin, and more importantly, keep feeding those positive vibes that we all need to continue what our forefathers started.

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