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Bet You Haven’t Heard: Floating Forest Gives Experimental A Whole New Meaning

I was browsing my Twitter followers just last week and I came across a follower named Floating Forest. The name intrigued me so I clicked to see what this profile was all about. Turns out Floating Forest is a producer of experimental electronic music based out of Seattle. With the interesting name, the artistic profile picture, and the word “experimental” thrown into the mix, I knew I had to check this guy out. To my surprise, I was completely enraptured by his music. The sounds reminded me of a cross between What So Not and Porter Robinson with a little bit of a hip-hop flair thrown in there. After exploring his Soundcloud page, full of tracks that take you on a complete mental journey through nature and beyond, I decided to reach out.


Floating Forest has been producing for the last 9 years, having started out producing with some friends in his first year of high school. However, now that he is living on his own, he has really began to hone in on taking music production seriously as a career path. Currently he is producing music for a number of artists as well as developing a live set for some performances in the future. Meanwhile, Floating Forest has been hard at work on his new EP entitled Ghost Machine which will be available soon via and can be previewed at the bottom of the article. As for his first couple of EPs, Exploration and Holograms, Floating Forest has created two five track compilations that include melodic riffs, curious vocal samples, and that mixture of hollow percussion and cosmic synths that is reminiscent of the “experimental” label, and again, What So Not. I could honestly listen to these two EPs for hours, they are tranquil and pleasing to the ear, while also being disruptive in their musical nature. Check out Exploration above and Holograms below:


When asked about who and what inspires him, Floating Forest responded by stating that “I am inspired by a lot of different artists and I am always listening to what is new. I am very excited about where music will be heading in the next few years as technology continues to advance.” In this industry technology is nearly everything, especially with the sounds that he is creating, the future could be very interesting for Floating Forest. As far as the artists that he looks to for inspiration, Ryan listed a number of artists with distinct sounds and musical identities including Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus, Tobacco/Black Moth Super Rainbow, Crystal Castles, XXYYXX, Cashmere Cat, Mr. Carmack, and many more.


Keep an ear open and an eye out for Floating Forest and more of his exploratory tracks. Ghost Machine is set to drop very soon, but in the meantime, watch his Soundcloud page for more previews of his upcoming work of art. Perhaps we’ll see Floating Forest come through AZ sometime in the future once he has finished developing his live act. Until then, follow him on his social media for the latest updates on what is coming our way from Floating Forest!

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