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Disclosure Debuts New Single with Sam Smith and Takes a Unique Creative Marketing Approach

Disclosure’s sophomore album Caracal is set to debut on September 25th of this year, and as they get closer to its release we get more and more surprises from the duo. The latest surprise comes in the creative marketing that they are using via the music videos of each of their new releases. With their first release in this four-part music video series, “Holding On” opens up the story in a dystopian future full of down-trodden futuristic night clubs, flying ships, riot-suit law enforcement, some very dark and emotional secrets involving a tattoo, and our lead character, Mariela. The first video has a very cinematic quality to it, even taking a break in the middle to give audiences some expositional dialogue between two of the characters. Check out the first video, “Holding On”, below:

Disclosure – Holding On ft. Gregory Porter

The UK House duo states that “We wanted to create something very different with our music videos this time around”, and what they have accomplished is certainly different. With their second video in the series, which just debuted this week, Disclosure re-teams with their most successful collaborator to date, Sam Smith, to give you the track “Omen”. Right off the bat, “Omen” does not have the same instant-classic feel that “Latch” carried, however the song carries its own distinct character and distances itself from their previous collaboration with a new and original vibe. The duo and Smith have created a track that is more succinct with the sound that they have established for Caracal. Smith delivers his stunning and seductive vocals for the track once again, and the sounds encompass a mixture of deep garage beats and swanky grooves.

Disclosure – Omen ft. Sam Smith

The video continues the story of Mariela and picks up after she has received the mysterious Caracal tattoo. She is in attendance at a high-class party, a gathering which Sam Smith is also present, where the vibes are that of a prohibition-era swing party mixed with hints of neon coloration and futuristic tech. The mysterious symbol lingers throughout the video, making another appearance as a woman in a fur coat draws it on a mirror with lipstick. All the while the presence of the riot police, holding their ground outside waiting for an opportune moment to strike, is made well known to the audience. As the video closes, it cuts to black with a loud thump and screams of terror indicating that the riot police are beginning their raid. As the words “To Be Continued” appear across the screen, all we can do is wonder what will come next in this excellent marketing strategy by Disclosure.

Pre-order Caracal and be on the lookout for more new music from this brotherly duo. Two more videos are set to be released  in this series of four, so if Mariela’s story and Disclosure’s creativity intrigues you, watch for the final two installments via social media. Caracal will be released on September 25.

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