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Meet Up and Comer: X- Vertigo

Everybody likes to be able to tell their friends “I knew this DJ/Song/Artist before they got popular!”. I’d like to introduce my weekly column, “Weekly Artist to Watch” with one of my newest favorite under-the-radar producers. This week’s up and coming artist that I’d like to spotlight is X-Vertigo.

X-Vertigo has his toes in what seems like a little bit of everything. He’s a producer, a DJ and a film-maker. I’m sure he’s pretty well known in his hometown Paris, but I personally just recently heard of him when one of my friends used his remix of Tiësto’s “Escape Me” in a mix. Honestly, I don’t care for big room or trap sounds very much but that song really caught me off guard. Within 5 minutes of hearing it I was already on his SoundCloud looking through his songs for more. What caught me even more off guard is that X-Vertigo is signed to Spinnin’ Records, Tiesto’s Musical Freedom, Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Music, Ministry Of Sound, and Strictly Rhythm. Why have I never heard of this guy before?

X-Vertigo is definitely an artist to watch; with songs frequenting the Beatport Top 100 and guest mixes in big name DJs’ radio shows like Tiësto, he is obviously making moves in the industry and will probably be headlining festivals soon enough. It seems like he’s taking his time producing a ton of fire tracks and making connections before he steps out into the spotlight, which in my opinion, is the smartest thing anyone in his position could possibly do right now since there are so many artists trying to make it right now. X-Vertigo definitely has a game plan and it’s a good one. I’m super excited to see where he will be a year from now.

I contacted X-Vertigo’s management and let them know I’d be writing an article on their artist and they kindly sent me a track by STARX & Sultan Saunder that will be released on July 20th on X-Vertigo’s label, “X-VERTIGO Attack!”. The preview has been released on SoundCloud already and it’s hot (below). While checking out the new song I was totally blown away! The song definitely has a festival sound to it but it’s not just another big room track. It sticks to the classic main room formula but what stood out to me is the massive sound design. When I listened to it, I could imagine it echoing around stadiums and mainstages worldwide. Like I stated before, I really don’t like big room but STARX & Sultan Saunder are definitely hitting the nail on the head with this song. They obviously knows what is popular right now and are catering to that with their own personal twist. Make sure to check out the full song when it’s released later this month SoundCloud. Until then, check out the preview and get hip to the music on X-Vertigo’s artist SoundCloud page and his label page so you can let all of your friends you knew who he was before he became a headliner at EDC and Ultra.


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