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The Relentless Beat of the Week: NERO – “Dark Skies”

I saw NERO for the first time last year at HARD Summer 2014 in Whittier Narrows, CA and may I just say that I was completely blown away. The amazing mixture of live vocals and electronic music was something I had yet to witness. Alana Watson completely enraptured the audience as she strutted back and forth across the stage, belting the lyrics to songs such as “Promises”, “Satisfy”, “Crush on You”, plus many more. Meanwhile, Daniel Stevenson and Joe Ray manned the turntable in the rear of the stage providing us with their uniquely electro/dub UK sound NERO has popularized since their inception in 2004. For the Relentless Beat of the Week this time around, I have decided to highlight their latest track “Dark Skies” in honor of the upcoming HARD Summer Festival as well as their upcoming album Between II Worlds.

You wouldn’t know it by listening, but Alana Watson does in fact provide the vocals for this sinister track, but her voice is heavily augmented to compliment the dark nature of the synths and bass line. With previously released tunes off of Between II Worlds in mind, those such as “Satisfy”, “Between II Worlds”, and “The Thrill”, “Dark Skies” helps to prove that this album is going to be a far cry from their first album, Welcome Reality. With a sort of malevolence to the sound, NERO’s four year hiatus shows… but in the best way possible. Check out “Dark Skies” below and prepare yourself for a whole new NERO.


Their sophomore album is set to release on August 28, but according to their social media, you can expect to hear more previews from the album in coming weeks. You can pre-order the album now and receive the title track,  “Satisfy”, and “Dark Skies” instantly. Head over to their website to get all of the latest information on everything NERO.

Although they will not be playing at HARD Summer this year, try to make your way down to Pomona, CA to catch some of the best acts in electronic and hip-hop. Sunday tickets are still available, but two-day and Saturday passes are sold-out. Check out this article by our author, Nicole Petriw, on how big HARD Summer will be this year!

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