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Zeds Dead’s Collapse 2.0 Music Video Will Leave You Feeling Some Type Of Way

Zeds Dead‘s 2010 album, Somewhere Else was definitely Zeds Dead at the core but had branched out so far from their original “White Satin” sound ranging from dirty to groovy. Exciting all ZD fans on the Somewhere Else Remixes tracklist was Collapse 2.0, a reimagined take on their collaboration with Memorecks, with an even better visually delicious music video. This video is one that when watching it for the first time you may be thinking “what the hell am I watching?”, but in a good way.

Collapse 2.0 feat. Memorecks (Official Music Video) | Zeds Dead

Tethering “Collapse 2.0″ to clips of carnal chaos stitched together featuring a liberal amount of slo-mo, a bit of pyrotechnics, and a large cache of actors ready to get dirty. The cast makes a slow and dramatic cameo amongst the hysteria, and passionate and emotional mayhem that erupts around them. The video gives off a sense of falling and makes you wonder why the characters look so enraged and intense. What are they running from, fighting for, and destroying? Pairing up this upbeat weapon lead by airy vocal work, and bold piano strokes with the impressive new music video, the Canadian duo completely reinvent the original mix and officially present “Collapse 2.0.”

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