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Bambook Releases ‘The Storm’ EP

Swedish production duo Bambook are hitting a rich vein of creative form with their second release for Culprit, the ethereal “The Storm.” Since their debut for the label last summer – the similarly beatific “Hearts & Roads” – Bambook have been on an impressive streak of releases and remixes for notable imprints like Kindisch, Noir, Fayer and Jeudi. Clearly inspired, the duo of Eiad Sayegh and Hannes Netzell has managed to balance the sheer volume of recent musical output with tight quality control.

Bambook’s affinity for the Los Angeles-based Culprit has again culminated in some of their most appealing original music yet, on “The Storm.” Their penchant for the airy and wistful is combined with the strong song craft, typically indelible original vocals – courtesy of regular collaborator Jennie A – and outstanding sound design.

The title song comes in two distinct versions: the brooding and, dare we say, stormy original is underpinned by Bambook’s most driving bassline yet. This version has already found early support from none other than the melodic house don, Dixon. The Kalimba version is the daytime yin to the original’s nighttime yang, with its deeper bassline and a graceful tropical touch.

The remix of “The Storm” comes from The Drifter, an Irish producer, who alongside his compatriot and friend Mano Le Tough is the driving force behind the Maeve label. He “borrows” the original version’s bassline and adds layers of forceful dynamics, making it the release’s most dancefloor-focused track.

Rounding out the release is the gloriously upbeat “Dance With Me,” that takes an unexpected but welcome turn into the indie-dance territory, with its classic disco-inflected beat, sweetly delicate vocal, and an organic bassline.

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