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DJ To Watch: Jameston Thieves

This week’s DJ to Watch column features Jameston Thieves, aka Jake Maloney originally from our very own backyard in Tempe, AZ. Meeting in high school, the Jameston Thieves had actually started out as two members who were both originally making dubstep on their own. After realizing they had a lot of mutual friends and similar interests, they chose to link up to work on music together. The collaboration proved to be successful as they pushed each other beyond creative boundaries, keeping one another motivated. However, after further developing their skills as a team, they were separated as one of them moved out of state for college. Jake Maloney is now the sole ‘thief’ in the Jameston Thieves we know today. Along with the core sounds of future house, the best way to describe their sound from words of Jameston Thieves himself would be:

Screen shot 2015-08-13 at 6.55.41 PM

“[The] sound would be unique experimental synthesis and punchy in your face percussion with a level of glitchiness we like to work in.” – Jameston Thieves

The Jameston Thieves Soundcloud is filled with good material – from the playlist of 15 original tracks to the playlist featuring 13 remixes, I truly haven’t found anything that I don’t like yet! Backed by Buygore Records and available for free download, the Jameston Thieves collaborated with Yook!e and SwaggleRock in their original “Get Down.” This track features a mix of electro, trap, future and bass house elements as it releases one filthy drop after another. Released just a couple of weeks ago, the Jameston Thieves remix to “TRVP HVNDS” is yet another fire track from the Tempe native. The entire arrangement takes you for a ride as he gingerly weaves drum rolls throughout the track, chopping up the vocals with a tailored house beat. The track is a true masterpiece with unique breakdowns accompanied by some of the hard-hitting bass that we all love.

You can catch Jameston Thieves at the Urbane Manner nightclub in Scottsdale this Friday, August 14th for only $10 – purchase tickets here.

Connect with Jameston Thieves here:


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