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Dusky Kicks Off North American Tour With ‘Ordinary World EP’

Nick Harriman and Alfie Granger-Howell, also knows as Dusky, will be venturing on a 5 stop tour in North America starting this September, and with perfect timing they just released their ‘Ordinary World EP’. The fast rising duo have asserted themselves as leaders of the UK underground by being selected as a contenders for BBC Essential mix of the year contenders, DJ Mag cover stars, and headlining for Berlin’s Panorama Bar and London’s Fabric. Dusky continues with forward motion and a unique universal House and Techno appeal.

The ‘Ordinary World EP’ is the latest to come on Dusky’s 17 Steps label, and the duo does a great job of representing the different styles of house music. “This EP was all about presenting four different strains of our DJ sets and productions into what we hope is one cohesive whole. Anyone who has seen us DJ will know we like to work across deeper, rolling moments, harder techno sounds and more anthemic tracks, but there’s generally a certain vibe we try to reach for that ties them together; a sense of musicality, a contrast between light and dark.” -Nick and Alfie.

The 4-track affair opens with two tunes that will satisfy anyone who likes barebones house music. Starting off with the track you cant sit still to, “Skin Deep”, a slightly more emotional jam that’ll have you singing, “You make me wanna ooh-ooh-OOH” while getting your groove on. Following “Skin Deep” are the darker and more underground sounds of “Jilted”, which sound closest to Dusky’s signature music.

Ordinary World’s second half features the two most recent tracks released online – “Parakeet Feet” and “Squeezer”, being a brighter track on the record and the latter rounding out the quartet and tying the tracks together perfectly.

Beginning in Nocturnal Wonderland in San Bernardino, Dusky will be displaying their new creation on a journey of headlining shows in Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, and Vancouver. Altogether, Ordinary World is not only a testament to Dusky’s diverse production skills and a must-have for house heads, but also a fine showcase of all the different approaches to house music.

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