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Felix Jaehn unleashes powerful new single “Book Of Love”

You may know of Felix Jaehn from his radio hit remix of OMI’s ” Cheerleader. ” At only 20 years of age, Germany’s young house producer is a power house for this genre. His remix of Cheerleader hit #1 on iTunes in 55 countries, that’s extremely impressive. This new track doesn’t hold back, it actually is much less minimalistic than one would expect, the vocals by Polina created a perfect harmony of sonic frequency that’s sure to please the masses. What I did expect was still there, deep piano roots, funky guitar dazzled over the mix. In my opinion it’s a very relaxing yet powerful song.

Make sure to give the track a listen, it’s very well produced. This is an artist you can expect to see around for a very long time; Felix Jaehn has a definite future ahead of him. He is currently about to start his tour in the United States, beginning August 12th, make sure to catch that four to the floor beat near you. Who knows when he’s coming back so seriously try not to miss it.

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