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Life Is Beautiful Day 2: Jauz Changed My Life

I started shuffling and I didn’t know that I could shuffle. That’s how freaking turnt Jauz was.

With a bit of convincing, I dragged my two hesitant friends to the Troubadour stage to catch Jauz’s set on the second day of Life Is Beautiful. A bit upset about missing Chance the Rapper’s set, they reluctantly started bouncing to his opening beat.

Within five minutes, we were all dripping sweat and in a euphoric state of electronic dance heaven. My jaw hurts from smiling through his entire set. He played his remixes of Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” Drake’s “Know Yourself,” Avicii’s “Levels,” and Major Lazer’s “Lean On,” in addition to his original mixes “Deeper Love” and “Rock The Party.”

Jauz dedicated the beginning of his set to his deep house drops, saving his trappiest tracks for the middle, and brought it back to the house to close his hour on the Troubadour stage. The Los Angeles native had no problem keeping the crowd lit with his music, and didn’t hesitate to grab the microphone and start singing to his songs when things heated up.

Check out a live video of Jauz dropping a remix of PLUR Police for the first time last night at the festival.

It’s hard to describe what Jauz’s show was like, but I will tell you it was a 10/10. Needless to say, my friends thanked me for dragging them there.

With two days of Life Is Beautiful Festival down, I can easily say Jauz stole my heart and was hands down the best act this far. A tough act to beat, let’s see how Madeon, Kygo, and Knife Party hold up on the Troubadour stage today.

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