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Joyryde Takes Bass To New Heights With Latest Single “Fuel Tank”

Joyryde or Jonney Ford is no stranger to dance music. Influenced by his father of the same name, Joyryde has been producing since the age of 9. Being a relative newcomer, Joyryde has received some massive support in a very short amount of time from artists like Ephwurd, Ghastly, Yellow Claw, and many more. After releasing his track “Windows” with Rick Ross earlier this year, Joyryde has returned to the “rust n grime“. His new track “Fuel Tank” provides us with some epic vocal samples as well as plenty of dirty bass lines and synths familiar to any fan of Future House, however, he prefers his unique sound be labeled as Swerve House.

Joyryde has made waves in the EDM community as of late with his single that he released with Rick Ross and (oddly enough) Shaquille O’Neal… almost. He quotes in the description of the music video how the three of them came to producing the track, “end of last year I got a message said ‘ wanna make a record with SHAQ? ‘ .. yeah it was Shaquille O’neal. while making it I used a Rick Ross vocal in place and sent it over, next day the phone rang and Shaq told me he really dug the record, my soundcloud and told me he ‘ sent it to my homie Ross who thought it was fucking real dope. Conflicting schedules halted our work to finish it, so we made the choice to release the native version.” The song provides a creative and fresh bridge between the world of Hip-Hop and Future House. 


With tracks as lively and as innovative as this, we can expect big things from Joyryde in the future, as well as his emerging “Swerve House” vibes.

You can purchase his “RYDRWARE” gear through his website. #RYDRWARE

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