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Shady Park Brings Electronic Dance Music to Tempe!

In the heart of Tempe is Mill avenue. Mill Ave is one of those places we love to hate because we know we should be studying for our test, but our friends are all meeting up and getting drinks. FOMO is real and I never say no to an invitation to the bars. One of the places close to my heart on mill is CASA, home of the infamous buckets. Lucky for all of us who feel the mutual love for CASA, they have recently opened a sister bar down the street called Shady Park.

shady park3

Shady Park is located on University Drive right across the street from ASU.  The recently opened bar/restaurant is a pizza joint that serves as the ideal place to relax and get a couple of drinks with friends. The pizza is AMAZING (try the vegetarian one with goat cheese) and excellent quality. And it doesn’t stop there.

Shady Park knows their market when it comes to pricing of their foods and drink menu. They have 16 craft beers, and 6 ciders at prices at prices ranging from $4 for a pint and $7 for a pitcher. Throughout the week they have happy hour, which most importantly makes drinks only 1 penny when you purchase food. One of the most exciting announcements is that, in the near future, Shady Park will be offering $10 cover which includes all you can eat pizza and $1 beers and cocktails, and yes there is more, a live DJ as well. I know where I’ll be spending my weekends! Unlimited pizza and low priced drinks? That’s the best news I’ve heard in awhile.

shady park 2

The front of Shady Park is restaurant and in the back is a 21+ patio with a 12 foot LED screen, perfect for sports viewing and DJ visuals. The ambiance of the hot new location is a totally unique between the lights, the lounging, and comfy backyard feel. The ambiance will play nicely into their upcoming slate of live music!

Relentless Beats is proud to announce that we have a few upcoming events at Shady Park on February 26th and April 30th! Shiba San will be returning to AZ for our first show at Shady Park, while Justin Jay will follow shortly thereafter. In the meantime we are excited to have everyone check out Shady Park! See you on the patio!

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