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The Kid’s 3 Reasons You Should Open Pool Party Season With DVBBS

What is up everybody!

I hope all you wonderful souls are enjoying your day today as much as I am! Today our writing team is starting something new and I just wanted to give a little introduction to what it is. Starting this week, all of our writers are going to be doing a weekly feature article and my article is gonna be “The Kid’s 3 Reasons You _____”. It’ll be open ended ranging from going to events to new music to anything in the EDM community! So be on the lookout every Monday for my article and what you absolutely need to check out!

If you haven’t heard already Release Pool Party season starts April 9th. Following up with the massive Diplo announcement on April 23rd, DVBBS will be here on April 9th to start the whole party off! If you haven’t figured it out, this week’s article is The Kid’s 3 Reasons you have to go check out DVBBS as they kick off the Release Pool Party season.

1. Bangers in Check!

Alright so first off! If you don’t know much about DVBBS, they’re a Canadian duo who produce mainly electro/bigroom house. So right off the back you know they’re gonna be bringing some bangers. Check out their newest single “Angel” which they just released about a month ago!

2. New Music Incoming!

A while back in September/October DVBBS announced that they were going to be releasing a full album in 2016! With Angel being their first track, they are sure to be pumping out many more as time goes on. Artists are often known to drop some of their unreleased tracks at concerts to test them out to see if the crowd likes them. So who knows maybe there will be some new music coming our way!

3. We’re Kicking Off Pool Party Season!

It’s the first Release Pool Party!! This summer is going to be the biggest the Talking Stick Resort has seen so far and we already know that from the announcements so far. So you should make your way over to to save some money on your tickets! Additionally if you want you can check out the Facebook event right here.

Connect with DVBBS: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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