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EDMovie Madness: Mr. Belt And Wezol With “Faith,” Pretty Lights Releases “Only Yesterday” Along With It’s Video, And Mat Zo’s Video For “Sinful”

This week will feature videos from Mr. Belt and Wezol, Pretty Lights, and Mat Zo. Lets dive in!

Mr. Belt & Wezol, Daser – “Faith”

The first music video I will be covering this week on EDMovie Madness is Mr. Belt and Wezol‘s Video for “Faith.” Bart Riem and Sam van Wees started off as close friends and then teamed up to make house music together after summer 2013 when they visited a different festival every week and instead of hanging out at the main stage they explored the smaller, deeper stages. Now the duo has graced us with a video for their energetic song “Faith” that takes you through some abnormal high school cheerleading auditions. The contestants consist of a man in a suit showing off some cheesy dance moves, followed by a bear mascot breakdancing, an old woman’s attempt at being sexy, and lastly the winner of the tryouts, a super hot girl with minimal clothing.

Mr. Belt & Wezol, Daser – Faith (Official Music Video)

Pretty Lights – “Only Yesterday”

Up next we have a new song and video release from Pretty Lights titled “Only Yesterday.” After three years Derek Vincent Smith has finally released a new track, and on his website, Smith shared, “Only Yesterday” is a track trying to express something very honest about how it can feel like an ongoing struggle to truly be yourself. The video is a piece of cinematic nostalgia, and an effort to collectively acknowledge how important it can be for an individual to find meaningful connection with their FRIENDS.” The video directed by Ryan Berena, displays shots of Derek performing with his live band and his fans dancing beneath his infamous lights that make you wish you were there.

Pretty Lights- Only Yesterday

Mat Zo – “Sinful” ft. I See MONSTAS

Last but not least is Mat Zo’s new video for his track featuring I See MONSTAS “Sinful.” Mat is getting ready to release his sophomore album ‘Self Assemble’ on March 25 and has been unveiling teases like his single “Soul Food” and now a sexually charged music video for “Sinful.” The video starts off with a scientist in a lab working on a female robot who he releases to humanity. She then goes to a futuristic strip club where the men wear masks while getting dances and the dancers are wearing bodysuits. The robot girl then takes a man into a secluded room and begins removing her human covering and kisses him and knocks him out so he can be taken and turned into a robot as well as punishment for giving into his lust.

Mat Zo – Sinful (feat. I See MONSTAS)[Official Music Video]

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