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Face The Bass: Your Weekly Fix of Bass Music ft. Boombox Cartel, Arman Cekin, and HeRobust

Do you feel like you can’t keep up with your music? That there is an endless supply of Albums, EP’s, Remix’s, Flips, Edits, Bootlegs Shimmies, Shakes, etc etc… WELL Relentless Beats is here to give a helping hand in keeping you up to date with everything that is BASS MUSIC. Week to week FTB will be featuring an array of up to date music that covers the umbrella of music that hits harder, makes your head bang, and your feet stomp the with some UMPH. Rather it be Trap, Dubstep, Hardstyle, Future, Big Room, Techno or really any music that makes your face scrunch up. We got it covered. Every week we will be bringing a variety of subjects to the table. Face The Bass will be highlighting a few tracks, showcasing a mix, previewing up n’ coming artists that you may not heard of, reviewing a new EP or album that’s recently come out or any relevant events that are making buzz around the streets!

Weekly Jam.
Kicking off our weekly jam sesh, is the Los Angeles duo, Boombox Cartel. Known for their wild remixes and all around genre defying tracks. B.C. have been laying down classic after classic since there first collaboration together in 2012. Bouncing around Trap, Future, and Dubstep they are a perfect intro to this weeks article with their new track “Dancing With Fire”. Capturing Stalking Gia’s powerful voice, while showcasing a heavier future sound they like to call their own, this song will be sure to rise to stardom.

Putting the Artist on the Pedestal.

Rebounding off the Future vibe, the first Artist Face The Bass will be putting on the pedestal is Arman Cekin. The Dutch producer with what seems to have an entire Orchestra in his studio, has been releasing String heavy remix’s from the get go. Over the last year, recruiting names from all over the bass spectrum, like EXSSV ,T-Mass, and whenever he’s inspired to come up with a massive trap track Wildfellaz.  It seems like everything Arman Cekin touches ends up in an emotional rollercoaster of spine tingling bass. Taking on the biggest names in Pop Music such as Adele, Drake, Rihanna, and Ellie Goulding, Arman Cekin does an outstanding job of flipping the script on each song he puts his fingers on. If you like chillin in your room on rainy days, Arman Cekin is for you.

Mixing it up.

To anchor all of this talk of head bobbin and massive sounds. I wanted to showcase one of the most bangin’ mixes I’ve heard in a long time. If you are remotely interested in anything loud, and have been to any bass heavy show in the last two years. You’ve heard Herobust. Dubstep/DirtySouth/ Trap Aficionado whatever you want to call him, Hayden Kramer as been putting a serious dent into the scene this year with tracks such as “Skurt Reynolds” and “Smother Shit”. With his recent Mad Decent EP, I’m Aloud, it was only a matter of time before a Diplo & Friends mix followed. This mix includes all the Trap anthems you could want and features all his new tracks from his EP. Without further ado, Herobust.

Here’s the Tracklist.
1. Jauz – Feel the Volume (Cherney Remix)
2. Jauz – Feel the Volume (JVO Remix)
3. DJ Snake – Propaganda
4. Yo Majesty – Club Action (Smookie Illson Remix)
5. DJ Snake – Propaganda (Subsurges Hard Club Bootleg)
6. Herobust – Pipette Up
7. Silento – Watch Me
8. Rotallicso – To the Point
9. Boombox Cartel – B2U
10. Skrillex – Ragga Bomb (Skrillex & Zomboy Remix)
11. Ghastly – Get On This (Ghastly & Albaze VIP)
12. NGHTMRE – Street (BUSTED Herobust)
13. Herobust & Snails – Pump This (Getter Remix)
14. Bro Safari & Boombox Cartel – Flip
15. Eptic – Space Cats (Trampa Remix)
16. Kill the Noise – Louder (Twine Remix)
17. Twine – Slice & Dice
18. Laxx – Swamp Thing
19. Getter & Sneek – In the Cuts
20. Extra Terra & Eliminate – Elevate
21. Herobust – Dirty Work
22. 12th Planet & Lumbervck – Name Bran
23. DJ Fresh & Diplo – Earthquake
24. Ricky Remedy – Make Me
25. Kai Wachi & Lumberjvck – Dukkha
26. Mayhem & Antiserum – Brick Squand Anthem (VIP)
27. Datsik & Barely Alive – Blastaz
28. 5 & a Dime – Pipes (Zeelaa & Axilon Remix)
29. Tha Trickaz & Creaky Jackals – OG Purp (VIP)
30. 12th Planet & Skrillex & Kill the Noise – Burst (Stabby VIP)
31. Herobust – Sheknowshebad
32. Shlump – $money$
33. Oolacile – Miserable
34. Krimma – Das Wonk (VIP)
35. Young Dolph – Pulled Up (Lil Texas edit)
36. 3Lau & Nom de Strip – The Night (Laxx Remix)
37. Yook!e & Swagglerock – Capbussa
38. Coffi – Spazz Out
39. Barely Alive – Deadlink (VIP)
40. Phiso – Wasteland
41. Emalkay – Fabrication
42. Zomboy – Terror Squad (Bro Safari & Ricky Remedy Remix)
43. Barely Alive – Elephant
44. Jauz & Datsik – Rock the Party (Jauz & B-Sides VIP)
45. Monxx & Mighty Duck & Gohed – Gremlins
46. Trampa – Hit ‘Em
47. Flosstradamus & GTA & Lil Jon – Prison Riot (Creation Remix)
48. Downlink – Hotel Trap
49. Brillz & Laxx – Buck (Trollphace Remix)
50. Torro Torro – Make a Move (Skrillex Remix)
51. Flosstradamus & NGHTMRE – Lighters Up (Crystalize Remix)
52. Herobust – Bottle Swervice
53. Kill the Noise – Lose ya Love (BUSTED by Herobust)
54. Post Malone – White Iversion
55. Jack U feat. Justin Bieber – Where Are U Now
56. Slop Rock – Gimme Sum (Hydraulix Remix)
57. Snails – Murda Sound
58. Vourtsanis – Nakano (VIP)
59. Herobust – Barricadence
60. Drake & Future – Jumpman
61. Brillz – Geekin
62. Two Fresh & Protohype – Floord
63. Snavs & Fabian Mazur – Smoke
64. Herobust – Smother Shit
65. Jack U feat. Two Chainz – Febreeze
66. GTA – Red Lips (Skrillex Remix)
67. Aazar – Lay it Down
68. Rihanna – BBHMM
69. Herobust – Skurt Reynolds
70. Drake – Hotline Bling (Ookay VIP Bootleg)
71. Waka Flocka Flame – Hard in the Paint
72. Doctor P – Sweet Shop
73. Alesso – Heroes (Grandtheft Remix)
74. Phiso – One More Time
75. Getter – Head Splitter
76. DJ Khaled & T Pain – All I Do is Win
77. Dotcom – Click
78. Protohype & Init – Mud
79. Flosstradamus – Mosh Pit (Ricky Remedy Remix)
80. Badklaat – Head Crush
81. Loudpvck & NGHTMRE – Click Clack
82. Herobust – Weigh Home

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