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Calvin Harris and Rihanna Prove to Be More Compatible Than Ever

Calvin Harris.  We all know him.  Some of us know him as T. Swift’s boyfriend, or for most of us, we know him as one of the biggest DJs, producers, and songwriters around.  Think about it: he is one of the DJs that opened the door for Electronic Dance Music to become mainstream.  Scottish DJ, Calvin Harris has been hitting the top of the charts for almost a decade.  Among those chart-toppers is his hit single “We Found Love”, a collaboration with Rihanna in 2011. Calvin Harris has also assisted Rihanna with her other song, “Where Have You Been.” Could these two be more compatible than him and Taylor Swift.  The answer in terms of producing a song (that is until we finally hear a Calvin/Taylor collaboration) is indeed yes. 

At this year’s Coachella, Calvin Harris brought out Rihanna for a guest appearance! Calvin has said that he loves working with Rihanna because of her ‘iconic voice’.  Once again, five years later, Rihanna’s beautiful voice and Calvin Harris’ mad producing skills made for one epic song and one epic performance.

Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For (Audio)

Now, I personally like this song better than their other two collaborations.  The piano in this song nicely compliments Rihanna’s absolutely stunning voice. Calvin Harris first showed this song to Rihanna in her trailer at Coachella this year.  Calvin admits that he was very nervous to show Rihanna this song, but thankfully Rihanna enjoyed it just as much as everyone else.

This Is What You Came For” was first released on BBC 1 Radio this past Friday, April 29.  Rihanna is right.  This song is sick.  Hopefully there are many more collaborations to come from this dynamic duo.  Check it out! This song is getting a crazy amount of recognition.  It is already hitting top charts on iTunes.  Calvin and Rihanna just kicked off the summer with this new hit!

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