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Troyboi and Nefera Beg Us to Show Off Our “Bad Behaviour” with New Track

From the moment he has stepped onto the scene, TroyBoi made himself very clear with his incredibly distinct sound and style. It’s safe to say that as a collective whole when it comes to music listeners, we cannot ignore anyone coming into the scene that is stepping into new boundaries of a sound we’ve never dealt with before.

TroyBoi has done just that, at the very least.

Starting a movement that has graced his music, one killer track of his after the other, we started to hear an unfamiliar word become the commonly associated term for his sound and style: wonky. So, if “wonky” it is… Then wonky we’ll have. You probably already know exactly the sound that is being described that caused TroyBoi to capture our attention and leave us, mouths gaping wide, wondering “What is that sound and who made it?!”

His style has yet to fail him, or us. While his fingerprints may be all over any piece of music he is a part of, there has yet to be a track or time that we’ve considered it being delivered in the same package. The “wonky” is a hundred percent present, and forevermore finding its way to be incorporated into his work in a new way that keeps hooking us furthermore.

All of this is seen in true form and reality in his newly released track, “Bad Behaviour.” Nefera and TroyBoi meshed so perfectly on his previous track, “On My Own”, who wouldn’t want to do same thing with new material? Far from anything but exceptional, Nefera fits TroyBoi’s newest production like a glove. Nefera’s vocals are delicate but flow through the lyrics of “Bad Behaviour” with an astounding powerful presence. It is the perfect balance: her strong performance accents the softer synths and chimes that come in and out of their newest song, and only rest while the bass-filled “wonks” take their turn in the piece to work their well-known magic.

Moral of the TroyBoi-makes-yet-another-jaw-dropping-hit story? No such thing as enough, as we clearly cannot get enough of him and his sound. So, bring it on. Christmas came early this year, kids. TroyBoi is one of our just announced headliners for our beloved Trapfest, coming back into our beloved arms Saturday, July 16th at The Pressroom.

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