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B-Side Weekly: “Shockwave” – Noisestorm

This week’s edition of B-Side Weekly will be tipping our hat to a relatively more recent artist, opposed to an EDM juggernaut. Regardless of marketing differences and popularity, the artist known as Noisestorm has a short discography, but has dabbled in drum + bass, Dubstep, and Glitch Hop, refining his song at a rapid pace that shows an intelligence not found in many young producers/DJs. But fear not, for Noisestorm has proved himself to be one of the few  gifted young prodigies that are developing their sense of style and brand at a pace that can be hard to keep up with.

With the backing of independent record label from Canada, Monstercat, Noisestorm was given the resources to make damned good music. Of course, many would say, if given the choice, why not pick “Leaving Now,” his most recent single? Well, if we went down this route, it wouldn’t exactly be called “B-Side Weekly.” Journalistic snark aside, 2011’s “Shockwave,” was uploaded on November 26, 2010 onto Youtube and marked the beginning of what would be his journey into a long relationship with a booming industry crying for innovation.

Noisestorm – Shockwave (Drum and Bass)

“Shockwave,” although it is an early work of a then-unknown artist, features rainbows of synth that are punctuated by rapid familiar beats and a riff in the melody backed by a growling bass that relates the cool strums of an electric guitar. Comparing it to “Leaving Now” would almost be difficult, for although they sit in a similar genre, “Shockwave” possessed many musical elements that reminisce a different time at a genre that was just starting to get commercial coverage. “Shockwave” is a testament to the days of yonder, but still could hold in a modern set as a throwback. The genre has expanded in such a short time that it is impressive his work moved at such a rapid pace on terms of production.

Noisestorm may be one of the younger DJs/production wizards at the lunch table, but don’t size him up for small: some of his beats could kick your ass.

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