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A Tribute To Harambe (Prod. By Getter)

If you’ve been on social media, then you probably have seen who Harambe is and you know that it sparked a crazy controversy here in the United States. After all the dust has settled over what happened, Harambe actually stuck around and become somewhat of a pop culture icon for everyone. People have been making merch, songs, and pretty much anything you could think of with the gorilla’s face on it.


The most recent Harambe-themed track to be released was by none other than Getter and Korean-American rapper DUMBFOUNDEAD and it’s a banger to be completely honest. Using samples from actual news stories and combining them with a hard-hitting trap beat, the track is done at a 100% professional level and it’s the best of all the Harambe pop culture references we’ve seen since the incident. But give yourself a listen to the song and find out for yourself exactly how good the song really is!

Don’t forget that Getter will be here in Tucson on October 19th and Phoenix October 18th to throw down some insane fire. Tickets can be bought right here for those of you who are looking!

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