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Alex Metric & Aeroplane Form “Metroplane” Super Duo & Tour

Although he may not be on your immediate radar, Alex Metric definitely has some things going for him this year, aside from his upcoming show at Shady Park, in Tempe, on August 12th. British DJ/producer/artist and a slew of other titles lining his medals of achievement remixing the greats (Madeon, N.E.R.D., Scissor Sisters, and Depeche Mode for starters), as well as production credits with artists like Robbie Williams, Snow Patrol, and a list of artists around the globe. Although he has worked with artists of different backgrounds, his credits seem to float towards artists who have achieved British popularity — this notion could not be more false, for his music, both old and new, reflect a personal aspect to his sound that doesn’t seem to fit into what we believe separates the oceans of house music as much as we think.

Nine months ago, Alex Metric released the part four of his “Ammunition” EPs that have been steadily facing release since 2012. Although all of his career has been concentrated in the 00s, much of Ammunition Part 4 has a slight mix of 90s house embodied with a soulful vocal peeking in on some of the tracks. Tracks like “Always There” feature the exact qualities matched above, with surprises coming from around the corner. Although Part Four does follow cleanly track to track, the personality of Metric always shines through, and you truly can’t mistake his sound for anyone else’s.

With such a diverse discography, it’s definitely going to be hard to pinpoint what he could possibly be putting into his set at Shady Park coming up pretty soon. Did we mention his show will also include Aeroplane, a vetted DJ who has always brought the fire from Belgium with his music that has spacey trance elements scattered across a house-based track. On last year’s “Let’s Get Slow,” Benjamin David drops Pet Shop Boy-esque vocals on a simple melody that gets more complicated when mixed with his smart percussion choices. 

Bringing these two experts of the “House” field together, but from different departments will definitely be causing chemical reactions when they come around to Shady Park on August 12th. Check out Alex Metric, and also Aeroplane for two very diverse artists who put their heart into it. 

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