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AMTRAC Releases New EP “Running After / No Order”

Caleb Cornett, better known as Amtrac, is a house producer, DJ, and musician based out of Los Angeles. Whether through a live music performance, or a club DJ set, Amtrac is known to electrify the audience and make his performance memorable — connects with the crowd through music and keeps them moving at all costs. As a producer, his original works range from indie dance and deep disco with post-punk influences from his early days, to underground deep house and techno with dark and funky rhythms. Recently, Amtrac released an EP called “Running After / No Order” on Kidnap Kid‘s record label Birds That Fly. Check out the EP below.

Staying away from the catchy melodies and bass sequences from most of his previous releases, Caleb dives deep into the underground deep house water to create this epic double hitter. He immaculately uses the resonance bass alongside with effects such as echo, delay, and reverb on the synths and vocals to craft a celestial and out-of-this-world atmosphere for these tracks. Not only that, the chill and euphoric house beats are masterfully contrasted with the gloomy melodies, which gives the audience a sense of unpredictability of underground deep house. Says Caleb regarding the release, “[I] really wanted to make an EP that translated well on the dance floor and at home, which I feel I achieved with ‘Running After’. ‘No Order’ is like a movie score for the club, diving deeper with its dark atmosphere.”

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