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Botnek Drops New Music & Fuego New Mix To Complement

Combining elements of electro house, techno, and even a little dubstep, Botnek are here to drop some new music just in time before their Labor Day Weekend show here in Arizona! The DJ Duo originate from Montreal, Canada and consist of members Eric Muse and Gordon Huntley. They’ve been hot off of Dim Mak Records for some time and have gained huge support from people like Steve Aoki, Avicii, Zedd, The Crystal Method, Skrillex, and so many more.

Bad Bitch

Their two newest songs are off of their favorite label mentioned beforehand, Dim Mak, and provide the deep electro sound Botnek is infamous for having in several of their tracks. “Bad Bitch” their first track is a little more upbeat than the second track “Touch Me” and steals elements from g-house as well. If you liked Botnek and Snails collab “Happy Hour” the you’ll probably love “Bad Bitch” just as much since a lot of the sound design is the same throughout the song, especially in the drop.

Touch Me

Touch Me” is much darker and steals a lot more from the techno realm, with a slower beat and sound design being way more electro, you’ll quickly understand what we mean with this. If by any means you have a subwoofer, go ahead and crank this baby up cause this song with bass is so sexy. If you don’t have a subwoofer, I guess that means you’ll just have to come to the show to really absorb the full width of this song.

Connecting? Mix

Lastly as a part of releasing their two new tracks, they put together a completely banger hour long mix of their new music and several of their other favorites to give you a little taste of their show coming up in Arizona. So if you like wat you hear below, you’ll love the show.

If you want tickets for the show can be bought right here, and it may be worthy to mention that Botnek’s home boy Lookas is going to be performing as well. Be sure to follow Botnek on social media to keep up to date with everything he is doing?

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