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Chet Porter Joins ODESZA’s Foreign Family with a Blissful New Track


Chet Porter‘s talent has shown through since day one. In a SoundCloud sea full of heavy bass remixes and mainstream pop songs, Chet Porter’s songs stand out. They’re light and peachy, and have an incredible ability to bring you back to simpler times.

On August 19th his talent was seen on an even larger scale as he joined ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective.

Chet opened up for a few of ODESZA’s shows in California earlier this year. That’s when they told Chet they wanted to release “Stay”.

“Stay” features dreamy vocals from Chelsea Cutler.

In an email interview with Billboard, Chet said, ““I was in Dubai and Chelsea messaged me asking me if I wanted to produce around this demo she made. I finished most of the song that day and immediately had Foreign Family in mind. I showed my manager, but specifically said not to send it because it wasn’t quite there yet. I remember him hitting me back being like ‘sent,’ haha, and I freaked out like all-caps ‘OMG NO YOU BLEW IT.’”

Well, Chet’s “unfinished” song has already made it’s way into the top ten on Hype Machine. Check it out below:

The song is pure bliss. Pure auditory bliss. The way Cutler’s lyrics flow through Chet’s progressive chords is beautiful, simply put. “Stay” drops hard, but in the lightest and fluffiest kind of way that just makes you feel warm and tingly. Like most Chet Porter songs, it’s uplifting and leaves a happy feeling in your chest when it’s over.

Chet also announced his official North American Tour. Check it out below:


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Source: Billboard

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