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Mr Carmack Randomly Releases A Slew Of 50+ New Tracks On Soundcloud

Aaron Carmack, better known under the moniker of “Mr. Carmack,” has been quite an elusive figure in the scene and has boiled an inch under the mainstream line, but still manages to not only have an official Soundcloud page with innumerable tracks, but also two other Souncloud accounts dedicated to his “secret gems” or “lost tracks.” His own self-published “About” page on his website features even more mystery behind the mask, because — although his appearance is not obscured like some of our other favorite DJs — he has a slew of work that could rival Tupac’s arduous studio sessions in which he would barricade himself and produce 3 albums-worth of material in a span of weeks. One could say that producing a slew of demos is not difficult, but to produce such a large amount of polished tracks almost seems impossible in a world of production and possibility.

Just a few weeks ago, Mr. Carmack conspicuously released over 50 tracks on his Soundcloud, and as this piece mentioned, there truly isn’t an explanation to such a vast array of musical output. Tracks like “FUCKEDUP411” show a more mechanical and industrial side to Carmack’s music, and even at the low time-count of the song, especially for an EDM produced track, it definitely gives a weird glimpse into some of his more experimental works. Although some reflect rougher demos than those that definitely seem more polished, this set of 50+ tracks — even without explanation — gives the rare opportunity to delve into the mind of a creative who you might not know personally, but reflects a unique creative process and how he gets his songs to the point where they seem “clean.”

Finally, Abby 2.0 is one of the highlights of this unprecedented truckload of tracks. Although following simple percussion schemes, it is not what ends up the final product with “Abby,” but the instrumentals that went into it. Mr. Carmack strikes us as the type of fellow who enjoys using natural sounds just as much as he enjoys incorporating synths to balance out some of the rougher aspects of the track. Although you might not know his name, keep an eye on Mr. Carmack for Producer/DJ transparency and more unprecedented releases that will surely surprise your ears. He may not be the DJ you have to wait 10 months for a new track from, but he definitely marks himself as “avant garde” by releasing large amounts of solid work at one time.

Check out the rest of the tracks here!

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