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Need New Sounds? Let Us Point You in the Right Direction with Point Point

This is a French threesome that you must know about. Stumbling upon their new EP, I knew I had to fill everyone in on who Point Point is. You might know them best from one of their top hit song, “Life in Grey”.

In their early work, Point Point dabbled more in future bass sounds. Their newest EP, “Family Portrait”, shows a different side in their productions abilities, a more techno side. With a mix of future bass and electronic/techno, Point Point creates their own unique sound that makes them stand out in the electronic music scene. I immediately fell in love with them because of “Life in Grey” and “Morning BJ.” Now that they finally released Family Portrait EP that started my love affair all over again.

With only three tracks on their EP, each song represents the versatility that this crew has. “A Piece of Sun”, shows a mix of groovy disco/ tropical house.  Their sneak preview “Au Revoir” shows their ability to mix in classical piano sounds with the techno beats. While these two songs are so wonderfully created, my all time favorite is “All This.” Turn your volume all the way up and get lost is this masterpiece.

The introduction of the vocals with the slow build up creates a masterful drop. Bringing all different kinds of sounds like the drum and bass, vocals, and sirens in the background, it creates a very stimulating sound. This is a song that I call musical roller coasters because of all the highs and lows that you get from listening to this track.

If you fell in love with Point Point, do not forget to follow them on Soundcloud to see their newest releases!

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