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New Vanic ft. F. Stokes Surprises Fans with Dirty Vibes

Our favorite face melting trap producer is back at it again with a new single titled “Shaka Zulu” ft. F. Stokes. However, this time our boy Vanic brings a dirty twist to the first drop of the song.

Inspired by the great Zulu monarch Shaka kaSenzangakhona, aka Shaka Zulu, the intro and verses of the song describe unity among humankind with lyrics such as “My whole tribe unified like Shaka Zulu” and samples of African choir. According to vocalist F. Stokes, the lyrics were developed while writing for the YEEZUS album with Mike Will Made It and Stokes’ brother. F. Stokes claims that Kanye really vibed with Shaka Zulu but did not end up adopting the lyrics. However, F. Stokes states that it is “Dope to see it continue to grow..”

Although the lyrics add a catchy and hype element to the song, the main attraction arrives at the first drop at around 1:04. Vanic steps away from his signature massive chords and soaring melodies for a minute to show us that he can produce bangers just as well as the top trap gods. The drop features heavy drums and an ethnic-sounding melody. The quality of the melody resembles noises made by Flosstradamus and Troyboi in their collaboration titled “Soundclash.” The drop quickly resides and we are again introduced  to the powerful vocals of F. Stokes, again making allusions to the great Shaka Zulu.

As the second buildup begins, we are exposed to a new noise that seems to be building into one of Vanic’s infamous melodies. As expected, the second drop arrives and we are reminded of how Vanic’s music gives you the illusion of flying through clouds of marshmallow on your way to PLURtown. It is simply face-melting bliss and the perfect way to wrap up a very unique song.

Every release of Vanic’s reminds us of his pure talent and diversity and with the help of F. Stokes and Kanye approved lyrics, Shaka Zulu is destined to be the next favorite song of EDM fans around the globe. Make sure to check him out the this year’s Decadence NYE celebration!

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