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Pantheon Collective Drops Night Owls & Sullivan King’s “Cardboard Castles”

Pantheon, the hardcore music force compiled of a crew of 13 successful artists, returns again with a brand new hit track. Including Lumberjvck, Illenium, Creaky Jackals, Woolymammoth, and other big names, Pantheon releases the hardest tracks that are proven to get heads banging in no time.

The most recent release from Pantheon is ‘Cardboard Castles,’ a tornado of bass-heavy lasers with a heavy metal influence. Produced by Nightowls and Sullivan King, the two mixed their masterful techniques to create a track overflowing with hardstyle domination. Exuberant with a mixture of styles from all over the music spectrum, the fusion creates an energetic symmetry between metal and hardstyle. With a strong build and an even stronger drop, there is still evident emotion behind the weight of the sound in the heavy male vocals. There is just the right amount of harmonious chaos to skyrocket the mood into overdrive.

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Dot miss out on Night Owls this Sunday during Space Yacht Phoenix! If you like anything from metal to the heaviest of electronic, this song was made for you. Stay tuned for other releases from PANTHEON Collective! Check out their social media here: 

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