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Space Yacht: Where Passion and Creativity Collide

Space Yacht is an undefined party brand birthed by two USCD students and LA-based artist LondonBridge with the goal to create a community driven atmosphere. Oliver Zhang started off in the Universal Music Group as a College and Lifestyle marketing representative, and running UC San Diego’s concerts & events office. After college, he joined a digital media agency called theAudience, where he managed the social media channels of some huge artists like Steve Aoki and Pearl Jam.

Henry Lu got his start in the music industry as a student booker at Sun God Festival. He was part of a group that launched the dance music concept at the festival in 2009. They met somewhere along the way and put their creative musical minds together, creating Space Yacht alongside their good friend Rami Perlman who goes by dj moniker LondonBridge, since they were all itching to work on a project together. They used to joke that one day they would be so rich they would be driving yachts in space.

LondonBridge says on his SoundCloud bio that he is a “lover of all things lit,” and he’s definitely not joking around. He has lots to offer for the Space Yacht brand as he has been pursuing his own funky house brand as well. He’s blown up over the past year with performances at EDC, Coachella, and an insanely huge crowd for his set at Bonnaroo. He shared in an interview with Your Edm that Space Yacht “is a big reason that I’ve been able to get some of these bigger shows. Couldn’t be more excited for what the future brings.”

They started off in So Cal with their first few bookings being Tommy Trash, TOKiMONSTA, and Clockwork. Henry told Magnetic Mag in an interview that “you can be as creative as you want to be. There is no one stopping you from carving your own lane. At Space Yacht we get to put on who we like and create an atmosphere that’s community driven. We’ve created nights where artists from different crews like Buygore, Dim Mak, Gotta Dance Dirty, Main Course, Moving Castle, and Perfect Driver, or many others cross paths and hang. Every single group has its own scene and it’s great to see the worlds collide.”

Oliver followed by stating, “we are lucky to be working in a field that is fueled by passion and creativity. Through Space Yacht, we’ve been able to interact with so many different facets of the industry and it’s inspiring to see how music has united all of us. I have so much love for my peers and friends in this business. Being able to drive culture forward collectively is incredibly rewarding.”

Space Yacht X Party Favor

As the electronic music industry continues to grow tremendously, it thrives off of minds like those of Henry and Oliver who putting their creativity to use by combining different aspects throughout their events, and to top it off they’re pizza themed.

They began in So Cal, and have since then expanded to Phoenix, New Orleans, Dallas, and New York, and are hopeful about Miami and Boston. Up next for Phoenix is a Space Yacht event featuring San Holo, Rickyxsan, NIGHTOWLSYDG, and Sean Watson. I personally have never attended a Space Yacht party, so I look forward to the experience and seeing what Space Yacht has to offer. See you there!

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