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Spag Heddy Mixes Up Some Modestep x Trolley Snatcha With Saucy Results

Are you ready to get lost in the sauce? The tomato bass sauce that is. Hailing from Pastanistan, which is apparently a hotspot for breeding super saucy dubstep producers, Spag Heddy is more than ready to bring the fresh beats to Phoenix with his brand new remix of “Sing” by Modestep and Trolley Snatcha.

This filthy dubstep track hosts the signature feel of a Spag Heddy drop conflicted by a beautiful melody during the verses that is carried out by the vocalist Josh Friend of Modestep. The uplifting melody is followed by a set of massive chords that are sure to get the feels of the crowd worked up before the climax hits. As the drop ensues, we are reminded of Spag Heddy’s amazing talent in the categories of sound design and arrangement. The diversity of the noises during both drops of the track is astounding, yet Spag Heddy somehow manages to make all of the little pieces fit together flawlessly. This creates an intricate succession of filthy basses resembling lasers and growls that are sure to get your head moving back and forth at an unsafe rate. The basses during this drop are so unique and diverse that it seems like something new can be heard in every measure. The last piece of the drop that stands out is the drum arrangement. For the most part, the drums are simple to accentuate the melodic components of the track. However, when there is a need for rhythmic diversity during the drops, Spag Heddy goes to the kick and snare drums to create interestingly syncopated, or unexpected, phrases. It is safe to assume that programming these complex rhythms comes easy to someone with a rich percussive background.

Many of Spag Heddy’s drops have characteristics of call and response among the bass noises as do many dubstep tracks. Spag Heddy brings this structure to the entirety of the track as he contradicts euphoric vocal melodies and festival chords with gnarly, slimy, bass-in-your-face goodness. Among his many many tracks, this remix of “Sing” is sure to soon sit alongside other fan favorites. Make sure to catch Spag Heddy and his infamous tomato bass at the Never Say Die Records fall tour event alongside Eptic and Must Die! On Oct. 22 at Monarch Theatre.   

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Source: Your EDM

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