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4B’s Diplo & Friends Jersey Club Takeover

One of my favorite Diplo & Friends sets came out a couple weeks ago; an extra special ALL jersey club mix spun by the jersey club master himself: 4B. You’ve heard his records all over the festival circuit this year, with his track “Pop Dat” being both a fan favorite, as well as majorly supported by his fellow DJs. He’s known Diplo since he was in his teens, having met him in Philly at a Mad Decent Block Party, back when 4B was still submitting him demos via email. Introducing 4B to the show calling him, “my lil homie,” Diplo gives 4B one of the warmest welcomes before he tells listeners to get ready to turn the energy UP:

“This is the second time we’ve had him on the radio show, but you know what? We just love this gosh don guy so much; he’s one of my favorite guys.” – Diplo

4B – Diplo & Friends [JERSEY CLUB POWER SET PART 5]

Curious as to why it says “Part 5” in the track title, and yet this is only his 2nd time on Diplo & Friends? Well, this isn’t referring to his sets on the radio show; this is Part 5 of 4B’s Jersey Club Power Set series that he started six years ago via his own Soundcloud. In my interview with 4B when he played in Scottsdale, AZ at Wasted Grain, 4B had nothing but mad respect for Diplo. When I asked about his and Diplo’s friendship, 4B said Diplo was one of the guys to originally put him on, he’d known him for something crazy like 8 years, and had DJed back in the day with him in Jersey.

“He’s a big supporter of Jersey Club, he was the only guy playing it like years ago and supported the brick bands and everything like that.” – 4B

4B’s second Diplo & Friend’s set is immersed completed by the infectious dance-heavy Jersey Club sound. He keeps the mix hot throughout the entire set, properly progressing as it goes, while masterfully weaving through one banging remix after the next. His Diplo & Friends set on Saturday night BBC Radio 1Xtra takeover isn’t the only thing 4B has been up to lately. He’s also been putting out some crazy music, with his sophomore EP Weapons 2.0 just released via Mad Decent last month. All three tracks on the EP ooz with the high energy Jersey Club sound. 4B has also been putting in work with remixes of DJ Snake, Jack U, and Major Lazer on tracks “Middle,” “Mind,” “Take U There,” and “Light It Up,” which are also featured in his hour long Jersey Club Saturday night takeover on Diplo & Friends.

4B’s Diplo & Friends Jersey Club Power Set Tracklist:

  • Nas – I know I can (DJ 809 Remix/4B Intro Edit)
  • Hollaback Girl (Stevie G Bootleg)
  • Dj Taj ~ Work (BasedPrince & Dj Flex Remix)
  • Drake Ft Future – Jumpman (YK Jersey Club Remix)
  • BACK UP ON IT (Jasmine) – DJ FIRE & DOUGIE F
  • Sex With Me (Dj Taj Remix)
  • Number One (DJ Sliink Remix)
  • Me And You (Tray Remix)
  • 679 – BasedPrince (Dj Taj Remix)
  • Needed Me (iMarkkeyz Remix)
  • Needed Me (Stevie G Remix)
  • Latch -Disclosure (DJ Lil Taj Remix)
  • Creep (Big O Remix)
  • Say My Name (Stevie G Remix)
  • Men In Black Theme (DjTray Remix)
  • Bugaboo (DJ Rell Remix)
  • Mo0lah (YK Jersey Club Remix)
  • Know Yourself (Kyle Edwards Remix)
  • WDYW (DJ M.I. Remix)
  • I Will Survive (DJ Sliink Remix)
  • Hey Hey (Jayhood Remix)
  • Hey Hey (Gutta Cartel Remix)
  • Major Lazer – Light It Up [4B Remix]
  • Rhythm Of The Night (Stevie G Remix)
  • Show Me Love (DJ 809 & DJ Fire Remix)
  • Deep Inside (Mike Gip Remix)
  • September (YK Remix)
  • I Like to Move It Move It (YK Remix)
  • Rump (DJ Big O Remix)
  • Up & Down (DJ Problem Remix)
  • 2 On (iMarkkeyz Remix)
  • Give It To Me [Work Yah Body] (DJ J Heat Remix)
  • Kitty Kat (DJ GetEM & YK)
  • Pop! (DJ Problem Remix)
  • Diplo – Express Yourself (Feat. Nicky Da B) (iMarkkeyz Remix)
  • Take U There (4B Remix)
  • Take U There (Merks Remix)
  • Mind (4B Remix)
  • Party Like We Do (DJ Sliink Remix)
  • I Be On it (Gutta x DJ Problem Remix)
  • DJ Sliink & Nadus vs. Manolo Rose – Run Ricky Run (feat. Fame School)
  • DJ Sliink – Putcha Back In It
  • What I Want (iMarkkeyz x Stevie G Remix)
  • Pop Style (Panic x 809 Remix)
  • Rock The Boat (DJ iMarkkeyz Remix)
  • Ziggy- Look Back At It
  • My Way (Taj Remix)
  • Yeah (DJ 809 Remix)
  • Get Low (809 Remix)
  • Controlla (DJ Flex Remix)
  • No Scrubs (iMarkkeyz Remix)
  • DJ Snake – Middle (4B Remix)

Free Download of 4B’s Diplo & Friends Set:

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