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Anna Lunoe Drops Landmark-House Track, Radioactive

What is it lately with all the talent coming from Australia? It looks like Anna Lunoe is on our list to becoming the next big thing to grace us ‘Yankies with some good ole fashioned Aussie attitude. Although she will be bringing her HYPER HOUSE Tour to Arizona on November 12th, 2016, even we at Relentless Beats are surprised at her credentials that many DJs and producers would salivate (or get insanely bitter) over. A lot of people can’t say they worked with Flume in 2012, a 2014 release on Skrillex’s imprint, Nest, working with the launch of Apple Music the same year, and made history in 2016 for being the first female solo-DJ act to play on EDC’s main stage.

Now that’s what I call a run-on sentence! Listen, we can go on about her achievements all day, but true artistry is displayed through physical music, as well as if they can walk the walk. Luckily, Anna Lunoe helped us all out at RB by actually releasing a pretty sick track only a week-ago. Don’t confuse this for another song of the same name, because we can gladly assure you there are no Dragons that you need to Imagine. Luckily for us, Anna’s Radioactive comes in with a bang and spends no time wasting any second for “ambiance” or pretension. Utilizing her own vocals, Anna Lunoe makes her track unique by making “Radioactive” into a psychadelic bouncy-house. Unlike many tracks we have reviewed, this track almost avoids old school sensibilities all together by incorporating bass that fades in and out, mixed with leveled synths that have a pretty cool keyboard riff that cuts into the middle.

Anna Lunoe – Radioactive

Anna Lunoe is not your average chica behind the boards: in a man’s world of music, what can we ask for than an individual who brings an expertise that many DJs starting up would want to aspire to be. As much as you can gush about any artist you wish had mainstream fame, Anna Lunoe is on the cusp, and she is not afraid to take names. Aside from her above-mentioned show, check out Radioactive and her other tracks to see why we think she’s going to be the Olympian DJ coming up pretty soon!

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Sources: The Verge, Dancing Astronaut

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