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Axero Takes On The Latest Single From Headhunterz

Axero is a dab hand at completing remixes and his latest take on Headhunterz ‘Lift Me Up’ gets our approval and is now available to snap up through Ultra Music! .

The eighteen year-old talent has been impressing us since first popping up on our radar and the producer continues to show some great creativity with this remake. The original track’s laid-back liquid melody has been replaced with a deep house beat, while Axero keeps it moving and thoroughly uplifting with changing dynamics and varied rhythmical emphasis.

Mike Taylor’s vocals seep over a house beat that seems to move with liquid ease, and the drops here are melodically and rhythmically charged in equal measure – flowing from start to finish with stunning production.

Props to Axero for taking this Headhunterz track and quite flawlessly transferring it to a total different genre.

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