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BOO! Artist Spotlight: Snails – Welcome to Slug City

Think back to the first time you ever heard a track by Snails. You were probably wondering, “what am I even listening to right now?” or “SOMEONE TELL ME WHO THIS IS.” Either way, the Montréal, Canada grown mollusk has treked his way into just about every artist’s set of this year.

One of the first songs that commenced his career was his slimy single ‘Stomp.’ Throughout it, you can hear his snail self creep through was seems to be a sewer. This track is what claimed Snails the king. It is what caught the attention of bass lovers all over North America and even the entire world:

Using bass to create an entirely new genre of his own, Snails’ music can be described as any synonym to disgusting. It’ll surely get you caught doing the involuntary stank face. His latest release with Pegboard Nerds, ‘Deep In The Night’ goes absolutely berserk:

Luckily, Snails is performing at this year’s BOO! Arizona. Catch him along with Knife Party, Excision, Nghtmre, Ghastly, G Jones, and Wuki. Compared to San Francisco and Dallas’s lineups, Phoenix definitely got all of the heavy bass. Join us and headbang your way into Halloween on October 15.

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