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Bro Safari’s New Banger: “Reality”

Bro Safari‘s new banger featuring the vocals of Sarah Hudson is FLAWLESS. The drum-n’-bass producer dabbled in dubstep for this track and no one is complaining.

Released in early September, the song begins with Hudson’s vocals complemented by an airy, trance-y vibe. After a minute build up, the track gets dirty- in the best way possible. This three-minute mix has two drops; you’ll go insane for the first drop, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any more lit… the second drop hits EVEN HARDER before the song closes out with Hudson’s dreamy voice.

In the song’s SoundCloud description, Bro Safari writes: “My hope is that people will appreciate the peaks and valleys that I tried to interject throughout the track. Ultimately, I wanted to create something that was melodic, heavy and uplifting at its core.”

Bro Safari ft. Sarah Hudson- Reality

If this banger was a baseball, Bro Safari hit it out of the park and the crowd is still going wild.

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