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Elephante Releases Remarkable Debut EP

American producer, Elephante, is a diverse and innovative mind. The Michigan-based artist released his first EP, I Am The Elephante, this past week. It’s a project Tim Wu (Elephante) has been working on for some time, and it’s been worth the wait. In an interview with Billboard Magazine he said, “It’s my first complete statement on who I am as an artist. It’s got everything I love about dance music, from the chiller groovy tracks to the bangers to the emotional songs that make you cry alone in your car.” Elephante plays with a variety of genres and styles on this EP that keeps the listener intrigued.

This EP has nine tracks, bringing it near LP status. “Closer” featuring BISHØP is a sexy, synthesized, dance-pop track that has been streamed over 3 million times already! Strong vocals are a common theme amongst this trackless, but Elephante layers that vocals in a masterful way that still allows each song to have it’s own unique sound. “Plans” featuring Brandyn Burnett is an upbeat, playful song with a tropical-house vibe.”Black Ivory” is the only track on the EP without a featured artist, and shows Elephante’s darker side, incorporating future bass elements.

As a debut this EP knock it out of the park. We’re excited to see where this rising star goes!

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Source: Billboard

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