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RB Exclusive Premiere: Kids of the Apocalypse Debut Their Self-Titled EP

Kids of the Apocalypse brings a brand new production of epic proportions. Their self titled EP defines their aesthetic and musical objective perfectly. They have seemingly made it a point to encapsulate their essence in six cohesive tracks, and we believe they’ve done so remarkably well.

An interview with Stefan Storm, one half of the musical duo, revealed that they wanted the compilation to be soothing, ethereal, and filmic in nature. They wanted the listener to be able to easily escape into the imagination and “enter into a world when” listening to the music. After listening to this airy and delightful track-listing, we believe KOTA does a great job at helping their audience envision the type of landscape they’re trying to convey.

Everything from this image to the content of their music videos and the lyrics of their songs seems to be targeted towards a younger audience, but could easily appeal to a listener of any age. A deeper analysis of their music, given the ages of the artists themselves, would indicate more of a connection to older millennials between the ages of 24-32. This conclusion is based off of the idea that their artwork, lyrics, musical style, and music videos are meant to appeal psychologically to this particular age group who grew up with cartoons such as Captain Planet and are more familiarized with bands such as The Gorillaz.


Check out their music video, Better Life, here to see what we mean! With lyrics such as “The world is so cruel, so let me be good to you”, we can’t help but to fall in love. Their overarching post-apocalyptic theme is also more relevant to the aforementioned age group who was exposed to the scares of Y2k and the supposed Mayan prediction of the end of the world in 2012. Overall, Kids of the Apocalypse are giving us a throwback to punk and the apocalyptic craze that was more prevalent in the 90’s and earlier 2000’s. For more proof, check out their video for ‘Don’t Give Up.’

The entire EP is very enjoyable by way of its gentle melodies and uplifting lyrics that provide their listeners with the sense of comfort and they crave in a chaotic and ever-evolving world. We, at Relentless Beats, give Kids of the Apocalypse a “thumbs up” on this understated yet solid new EP.

Keep up the good work, guys!

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