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RB Weekend Preview: N9NEFEST, Krewella, Steve Aoki, Liquid Stranger, & Lane 8

If you were with all of us last weekend then you saw how absolutely stunning Mad Decent Block Party was. The two day event was a huge success with a great turn out of people and loads of good vibes and people dancing away to music. While some may slow down, we aren’t planning on that because the weekend after our huge MDBP we have a total of six shows this weekend! To kick things off, we have N9NEFEST in Tucson featuring Marshmello, Slushii, & Kayzo! After we tear apart the Slaughterhouse we’re then gonna head to the after party with Party Favor in Tucson as well. All that same night up in the valley we will have Krewella with the Sweatbox tour throwing down at Crescent Ballroom. The next day we will kick it off at Talking Stick Resort for Dim Mak’s 20th anniversary with Steve Aoki! That same night we will have two choices, once with Lane 8 on the This Never Happened Tour and lastly with Liquid Stranger on the Weird and Wonderful Tour.

7/23 – N9NEFEST 2016 @ The Slaughterhouse

Relentless Beats presents N9NEFEST 2016 on Friday, September 23, 2016 at The SlaughterHouse in Tucson, AZ for 6 years strong! This year with the biggest and baddest line up ever we are bringing Marshmello, Slushii, & Kayzo. Marshmello is the king of “keepin’ it mello” as his famous suggestive phrase goes, and he definitely knows how to egg a crowd on. His loveable and relatable nature are what has made him rise to almost instant super-stardom as he has found a way to expose his vulnerability and make it work for him.

Slushii follows a similar path always preaching how he wants his music to help others as they dance away the night. He has been all over the place lately, just starting his touring with Hard Summer at the end of July, playing the consistently new music he puts out all of the time. He probably has a new track go out every two weeks and he is always striving to really dig deep and emotionally with his music.

A great compliment for the prior two artists above, Kayzo loves to speed things up and really crank the tempo. He will surely have you dancing on your feet and banging your head to his vast music library ranging from some filthy bass house all the way to some UK hardcore. If you’ve never seen Kayzo before than you are surely in for a treat because this guy throws some of the best shows I;ve ever seen. Check out his latest remi of Porter Ronbinson’s Language to see what we mean.

7/23 – Krewella – Sweatbox Tour @ Crescent Ballroom

Krewella was quiet for a little bit, but the sister duo is back now with new music and more energy than ever before! Breaking their former streak for 3 years, Krewella released another full length-EP, “Ammunition”. They also were on a recent track with the infamous Pegboard Nerds, and the young trap legend NGHTMRE to bring us “Superstar“. For those of us who have been following Krewella for sometime, we are surely happy that we haven’t lost the wonderful sound that the sisters vocals both posses. While their instrumentation and sound is different from 3 years ago, we recognize that the change is just partly reflected in the changes the group has been through and who they are as people now, but regardless the flame of the old Krewella still slowly burns to this day deep down inside with those soothing vocals.

7/23 – Party Favor – N9NEFEST Afterparty @ 191 Toole

Party Favor, starting his producing career relatively recently, has blown up the EDM industry with his undeniably mind blowing tracks. There is definitely a reason his name includes “party,” because one listen to a Party Favor drop and you will be out of your seat and straight onto the dance floor. With 6 tracks and featuring several artists as Dillon Francis, Gents & Jawns, and Rich The Kid, it has produced a lot of attention and has been getting played out all over the world. You’ll be sure to hear all of these songs at the after party so before you go, give them a listen so you can wave your hands in the air and sing along!

7/24 – Steve Aoki – Dim Mak 20th Anniversary @ Talking Stick Resort

In 1996, Dim Mak, the CA-based record label, events company, and lifestyle brand founded by Steve Aoki, was born. Over the last 20 years this record label has brought us some of the greatest names in the industry as well as some of the most incredible parties. We knew Dim Mak was going to do it big for its 20th anniversary celebration. If you need to, go ahead and read up on this article here to see what some of the people over at Dim Mak have in store for us! There’s also going to be our favorite local artists and pink-haired DJ Blossom spinning an opening set, so if you didn’t want to go before, you definitely should reconsider cause this girl is gonna be main stage one day!

7/24 – Liquid Stranger – Weird & Wonderful Tour @ Monarch Theatre

Liquid Stranger, if you didn’t know, grew up right over the mountain in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona! A master of electronic music manipulation Liquid Stranger reminds us of dubstep before 2012, where the half time feel took the lead and there was a lot more emphasis on creating gnarly sounds with slapping beats. With 4 highly acclaimed full-length albums under his Liquid Stranger moniker, this multi-talented producer has established himself as the epitome of trans-national dubstep, covering everything from Latin, Asian, Eastern European and Jamaican Dancehall dubs. Always pushing the sonic boundaries and merging genres, he consistently creates an ever-evolving blend of unique atmospheres and cutting edge grooves.

7/24 – Lane 8 – This Never Happened

Lane 8 has probably been a name you guys have seen a lot of. If you haven’t take a look at the deep house/techno/tech house stage line up for the next big festival and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lane 8 on it. The guy has been absolutely killing it lately. Riding forward with that momentum, Lane 8 introduced ‘This Never Happened’, a event series that aims to retain the mystique of the dance floor with a sans-phone and photos rule. The producer and DJ aims for a media-less existence. He doesn’t want your social tags or selfie shoutouts. He doesn’t ask that you capture the moment, only that you get lost in it. He named his tour This Never Happened in the hopes that there will be no image or cyber trail with which to trace its magic, only the memories that exist in the minds of those who decided to come together in a flash of shared experience.

As per usual, ticket links should be in the title of each shows name so go ahead and click there and you should be good to go! Other than that have a fun and safe weekend everybody and I’ll see you on the dance floor!

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