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RB Weekend Preview: The Renegades Have Arrived — Flume, Dirty Audio, Stellar & Destructo

With the end of our Release Pool Party Series, as Dim Mak closed out the season this year with their 20th anniversary celebration at Talking Stick Resort, we now move forward to Fall and look towards the first month of October this Saturday. We’ve got an awesome start for you and the Fall season with Destructo and the Renegade Tour over at Monarch Theatre! With supports like AC Slater, Hotel Garuda, & Dateless it’s going to be a sure don’t miss this weekend! Working backwards from Saturday we will have Stellar over at Salt and Dirty Audio the same night at Gypsy Bar. Then oddly enough we have Flume on a Tuesday night over at Comerica Theatre for a sold out show!

9/27 – Flume @ Comerica Theatre

4 years ago, the Aussie EDM mastermind known as Flume, released his debut ‘Flume’ album. It’s safe to say that no one, including Flume himself, knew the success that this album would bring him. This album introduced the world to the electronic wizard, who has become one of the most successful and influential musicians in the industry. Since the release, Flume has stormed the globe, releasing all kinds of magic along the way.

9/30 – Dirty Audio @ Gypsy Bar

Combining elements from dubstep, electro, and trap, Dirty Audio is just about the dirtiest and bass-heavy DJ/Producer in the game right now. Everything during every single one of his songs has the whole building shaking if you have the subwoofers on. His show is going to have everyone with their ears ringing for the next week after the show and to prep us even more for what he has for his show, he’s released a new track titled “Gorilla Glue.

9/30 – Stellar @ Salt

Las Vegas resident DJ/Producer Dave Stellar has made much more than a footprint in the Nevada desert sand. Since moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas six years ago, he has created a Stellar brand that has dispersed throughout Sin City and beyond. Hard work and perseverance has brought Stellar to do what he was born to do; And man, do we love him for it. His hard hitting progressive style will get any club-goer to tear it up on the dance floor and immerse themselves in the power of EDM.

10/1 – Destructo – Renegade Tour @ Monarch Theatre

With twenty years of DJing under his belt, Destructo shows relentless skill behind the decks. His impeccable taste in music has deemed him as a notoriously gifted taste maker which can be seen every year on the HARD Events’ lineups. We have been blessed not only by a tour stop here in Arizona for us but a new mini-mix to give us a taste of what to expect this upcoming night. Give it a listen in the player below and you’ll see just exactly how hood we are going to get this weekend.

As per usual, ticket links should be in the title of each shows name so go ahead and click there and you should be good to go! Other than that have a fun and safe weekend everybody and I’ll see you on the dance floor!

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