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Will K & Corey James Join Forces On Nuclear Track, “Let Me See You”

On September 6th, 2016, pay dirt finally broke for upcoming DJ/Producers, Will K and Corey James with some of the most hyped up tracks of the season. Although their names might be new to your ears with the slew of talented artists you have in the progressive House genre, this duo surprisingly come together from what seems to be  two very polar styles and managing to reconcile their differences artistically in producing a truly anthemic track. Arrivin from the depths of Soundcloud, Corey James and Will K present to you, “Let Me See You.”

Corey James & Will K – Let Me See You (Original Mix)

That’s not to say they aren’t buds in and out of the studio, but Will K’s much darker sounds found in his past work show a much darker and heavier tone that contrasts Corey James more melodic and less emphasis on tribal marches that many sounds in the genre contain. What you can expect from this brand new track, “Let Me See You,” is a thrashing anthem that has the polar opposites of light and dark harmoniously centered around the bassline. Most, if not all important segments of the drop highlight Will K’s more tribal approach to beats while Corey James’s influence can be clearly heard in some of the melody.

Fear not, for this House selection isn’t your average ‘waiting-room’ track; “Let Me See You” combines catchy vocals with a live setting in mind, as well as cramming as much synth as you can in two minutes and forty-seven seconds without compromising the artistic integrity. Throughout the entirety of the track, you are taken through a whirlwind of two creative masterminds taking charge behind the boards.

Take a listen to Corey James and Will K’s “Let Me See You” for not only the insane drop at the end, but for an important mark in two rising stars’ collaboration. Both Will K and Corey James are two artists you are bound to see bubbling under the charts pretty soon, so keep on the look out, and check out their other equally diverse catalogs as they climb the food chain of EDM!

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