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Alex and Halsey Get Even ‘Closer’ in Second & Official Music Video

The Chainsmokers‘ Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have proven to be one of 2016’s biggest successes with hit singles ‘ROSES,’ ‘Don’t Let Me Down,’ ‘Closer,’ and a few others. Their lyrical, poppy, and future tracks have stolen the hearts of many and taken over the radio.

The duo released a music video for ‘Closer’ back in July with it’s lyrics sung by Halsey floating across the screen, juxtaposed with clips of a lovey dovey couple in the backdrop. Now, Alex and Drew have given us a second video for the song which they’re calling it’s ‘official’ music video.

The Chainsmokers – Closer ft. Halsey

The new video tells the story of two lovers, Drew and Halsey. To start it off, clips of the two intimately and happily together switch back and forth from clips of them in what seems to be the future where they are no longer together. Leading into Halsey’s verse are clips of them arguing and upset, still compared to flash forwards of what seems to be the aftermath of Drew moving to the city in a broke down car, four years with no call, and Halsey looking pretty in a hotel bar. To wrap it up, taking place in the future setting, Drew Follows Halsey out of a party and they dramatically stare at each other.

While the film starts Drew and vocalist Halsey, they couldn’t just leave Alex out, and you can spot him in the background and with a few short solo clips of him observing the love struck story. The official video came out to be quite the cliff hanger, maybe The Chainsmokers will release a third and even more official video to let us know what happened to the dramatic lovers.

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