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Dat New New: Mickey Valen – “Meet Me” (feat. Noé)

Using numerous female vocalists to connect his musicality to listeners is just what the Mickey Valen has grasped the concept of. As you listen down his Soundcloud, you eventually run into a male vocal feature as well. With “Meet Me” being one of his tunes closely related to trap, it parades away from his normal tempo.

Opening up with the subtle articulation of Noé’s voice, the track enters a controversy of thoughts as she asks a simple yes or no question. Who may she be asking? As listeners, we could only assume who it may be. Eventually, her vocals get chopped up into a low-temp trap beat to create a beautiful illusion of sound.

“Meet Me” was highlighted on Trap Nation’s Youtube channel and received over one million plays within a week. With nothing but positive feedback, Mickey Valen and Noé absolutely nailed it with this one.

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