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Donald Glaude’s THIS IS ME Vol. 22 Mixtape (Sundown Edition)

Donald Glaude is an American house DJ & producer who is constantly remarked by DJ Mag as one of the top 100 DJs today. Growing up classically trained and soon finding his way over to funk, Donald had always messed around with tape decks from his childhood. He soon began to DJ in the 1980s at clubs and in the 90s when the rave culture took off, Glaude was a warehouse DJ for several events including The Power Plant, Vinylized, The Cat Walk, and The Jungle. Since then he has been all over the place, traveling the world and playing music for people.

Glaude puts out mixtapes on his soundcloud titled “This Is Me” in where he demonstrates his musical and turntablism skills. The latest volume he put on is his 22nd edition and he called it his Sundown Edition since he had just spun there a couple weeks ago, probably pretty similar to what he played there. Although he comes from a funk and classical background, Glaude still knows how to go deeper than any other DJ out there to really get you moving your hips. Check it out below!

Don’t forget that Donald Glaude will be here October 14th at Gypsy Bar to show us the real DJ that he is! If you want tickets can be found right here, and don’t forget to follow all of his social media accounts to stay up to date with new music and news!

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