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How Did The ‘Stranger Things’ Score Such A Retro Sound? Check Out This Vintage Synthesizer

A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that makes electronic dance music possible. They started out with piano keyboards and now have all sorts of variations from music sequencers, instrument controllers, fingerboards, guitar synthesizers, wind controllers, and electronic drums. One synthesizer in specific that I want to point out is the one used to create the sounds and songs behind Netflix’s hit of the summer, ‘Stranger Things.’

‘Stranger Things’ is magical and creepy in every sense, and the first tune of the title sequence depicts it’s surrealism, mystery, and suspense perfectly. The soundtrack, composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E, is a huge part of the show’s feel and identity. The tracks themselves created almost entirely by the synthesizers capture the perfect retro vibe with a 1980’s production style.

A Look Behind the Scenes With S U R V I V E

The synthesizer in which S U R V I V E used is called the Roland Juno 6 and is one of the most classic polysynths of all time. Its pairing of super stable Digitally Controlled Oscillators with Roland’s IR3109 cascaded OTA filter design made for a flexible synth that’s warm amd punchy. It even has a built-in chorus effect that is an absolute classic of ’80s sound design, and is significantly more affordable than most of its polyphonic predecessors.

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